Thursday, November 4, 2010


About 30 minutes ago I finished my second test in a horrible class called Speech Science. Now, I could attempt to tell you the gist of what Speech Science is about.. If I had any idea, myself. But, sorry, I'm pretty sure this will be the first C I ever make, EVER. If I can even pull off a C. Example question from said exam:

T-F Voice onset are perceived categorically while formant transitions are perceived continuously.

Hm... let me tell you... I used the answer to this question in my therapy session just yesterday!!!

Oh wait, no I didn't. Because the answer to that question will never apply to my practice.


Much more exciting news: My Luke Puppy comes home from the vet today. He was neutered yesterday, so I'm sure when he gets home he'll be just THRILLED with Braylen and I. Hopefully he'll forgive us, one day.

This is the wonderpup. I know... He's beautiful. He's really humble about it though.


Wonder of wonders... My husband and I are both free to stay up as late as we please tonight! I don't have class or clinic tomorrow and it's his first of two days off tomorrow. What does this mean? Well, it could mean a number of possible situations... 
  1. We order pizza, watch our Netflix movie, take a walk with the dog, and go to bed by 10. 
  2. We hit the town (aka OKC or Norman) and go see a movie after having a fabulously delicious meal. (Can a meal be measured in deliciousness by how fabulous it is? .... Let's go with it...)
  3. We go and see our parents, and they feed us. (unlikely)
  4. We go to A&E, La Fiesta, Jake's Rib, or China Moon. The only restaurants in Chickasha we ever go to. 
I'm hoping for number 2. Because I'm a girl, and I like to go on dates with my husband. And I like that, when we go on dates, we still hold hands and give each other googly eyes. 

When he's not watching whatever sports team is on the TV screen at the restaurant we're at.


And now I'm going to eat the lunch my husband lovingly packed for me at 7 AM this morning. 

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