Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rant: Morning Radio

Since school started, I've been listening to 98.9 KYIS FM faithfully every day. In the morning, it's Jack and Ron, and on the way home it's usually Drew and Kaci, too. I've been noticing in the past month or so that Jack and Ron are quite sexist. And not just in a "for the radio" kind of way to make them look "good" (although, does it really make you look good?). It's getting almost ridiculous.

First example: A few weeks ago they somehow (as often happens) found their way to the subject of women and sex. They went on and on, back and forth, about how a good woman will do everything she can to please her man and that's what her goal is. No matter what it takes, she will find the perfect ways to bring pleasure to the man she's with and will accept nothing less. I let it go though, because, let's face it, it's partially true (the other part being that the man should be doing his part also. So I ignore each time they make comments like that.

Next example: This happened this morning, and honestly I had to change the radio station. They got a letter from a young woman who was writing in to tell them that she has a problem with sleeping with a guy too soon and getting attached and then the guy leaves. I got a phone call and missed what the point of her letter was, but Jack and Ron took it as a cue to explain how women should act in a relationship. Apparently, women should be willing to open their legs and be completely unattached with a man. They should show no interest in them (if they're mature) and the feelings and all that crap comes later. Okay, I'm not kidding here. A woman called in to discuss the subject with them. She said that her and her husband slept with each other for over a year before they formed a relationship, and now they've been happily married for over two years. Jack and Ron applauded her for her maturity saying that her and her husband were both extremely mature and other people should look to them for how to be in a relationship. They said that if you're mature, you can sleep with someone and have zero attachment to them. That women should be willing and happy to be this way, and that will show a man how mature and womanly she is. It's unbelievable to me.

I understand that as far as modern standards go, I'm naive and ridiculously old-fashioned about sex and what it should mean to a young adult. I just can't comprehend how sleeping with several partners is considered having a "healthy sex life." I can't fathom how far south our culture has gone when promiscuity is praised and considered healthy, but I guess that is where we are.

98.9 lost a loyal listener this morning.

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