Thursday, November 4, 2010

Oops. I forgot.

Okay, so let me introduce myself, as a new blogger. (And yes, I realize that this is my third post, and the second one in less than two hours)

First of all, this blog has been titled "Unexpected Fortune" because I have recently been given huge amounts of money and am a millionaire.

Just kidding.

When I say "fortune," I'm more talking about how fortunate I have been within these past two years, and within my life, as a whole. The blessings God has given me are immeasurable, and I never would have expected them growing up (especially in junior high and high school).

I never imagined that by age 20 I would be married to the love of my life, living in my first home, taking care of a puppy, attending graduate school, and planning a family. Well, let's just say that I imagined it and never believed it could actually happen to me. I envisioned that I would become the cat lady (with Kit-Kat being the ruler of all the other cats, of course) and came to terms with the idea that I'd have to be ready to live my life alone. I'm not quite sure why I had such a pessimistic view about life... I think I just wanted to prepare myself in case that happened. I wanted to be able to still love my life and myself, even if things didn't turn out how I so desperately wished that they would. Once I came to terms with the idea that I needed to be happy alone or with a partner... I met Braylen.

*Cue the gags*

I'm sorry but in every other relationship, I somehow managed to sabotage it and push them away. I assumed that would happen with my husband... That I would find something to dislike and use it to put a wedge between us until he was so miserable we broke up. I don't know why I did these things, I just did, okay?

Funny story... Braylen and I went on a double date with a female high school friend of his once. While the boys stared blankly at the football game on the screen, her and I talked about them, of course, and how much we loved them. I told her about how when he and I started dating I expected him to be like all the other flings I'd had other the preceding years... I assumed we would hang out a time or two (I'd get attached of course, cos I'm one of "those girls") and then I'd never hear from him again. I told her that after our first night of hanging out, I never thought he'd text again. She laughed and said "You definitely didn't know Braylen very well!" It's something that I've grown to love more and more about him. He's constant.

Back to what I was saying... Although I was used to relationships fizzling out quickly, Braylen never gave that a chance. Once he and I were together, he was hooked. And I don't mean that because I'm so wonderful (even though, I mean, it's completely true)... I just mean that he's so loving and considerate (gag) that he would never leave someone he cares about. I have always longed for a relationship or even a friendship that would be completely reliable, always constant, never a doubt that we were there for one another... And I had no idea what that could mean until Braylen came into my life.

So when I say that this is an "unexpected" fortune, I truly mean I never could have anticipated this type of happiness. Especially not this early in my life. And by "fortune," I mean that not only his love, but the love of his family and his friends (which are now MY family and friends) are more valuable to me than any amount of money.

Our life together is my unexpected fortune, and I hope that this blog is a place where we can share this fortune with whomever wanted to read about it.

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