Friday, November 5, 2010

Her Highness

Here's the thing about my cat. I know that I talk a lot about my pup, Luke, but before there was him, there was a cat named Kit-Kat. November 2nd of this year marked our 8th year of having Kit-Kat. (Let me say that I named her when I was in the 8th grade, so give me a break.) For a long time, she had been my only pet and we became verrrrry close, even though I have always been more of a dog person than a cat person. She is a princess, but a very sweet princess. She loves to have the center of attention, loves to be in the middle of the room, has to be on everyone's lap, and looooooooves to have everyone pet her and love on her. She is very dog-like in that respect, which is probably why I love her.

I've noticed within the past few years how big of a brat she is, however. She has started a habit of meowing for food anytime someone walks into the kitchen where her food dish is. She also meows anytime she's not allowed to do something she wants. Example: Our front storm door doesn't close all the way unless you pull it closed, so she's started escaping. Granted, she often doesn't leave the porch, and definitely doesn't leave the front yard, but I've had one too many cats die from being hit by cars and I really don't like the idea of losing her that way. We always immediately go out and bring her back in. And then she meows to be let outside again (which I think she learned from the dog, by the way). This morning, Braylen and I took Luke outside and I let Kit-Kat out also just to see what she'd do if she could go outside with permission.

She barely moved. She didn't leave the porch. And after 5 minutes, she was scratching at the door to be let back in. It's kind of like how she'll meow and scratch at ANY closed door in the house (especially when she knows we're on the other side of the door) and then once you open it for her, she's not interested anymore. It's ridiculous. She's such a teenager.

Oh, another thing about this lovely kitty is that she HATES (hates hates hates hates hates) other animals, including her puppy-brother, Luke. Any opportunity she has to swat and hiss at him, she jumps on (keep in mind she's de-clawed, people... I'm not subjecting my pup to abuse). She even tricks him into thinking it's safe by every once in a while letting him lick alllll over her face and sniff all he wants for about 10-15 seconds before she snaps and pounces on his face. It's funny and completely mean all rolled into one ball of fur. We kept saying before we got Luke "Kit-Kat will get used to it. She'll have to! Eventually, she'll grow to love him." Ummm... I think we were wrong.

These kids are driving me bonkers, but I sure do love 'em.

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