Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It starts...

Along with so many other new beginnings in my life these days, I've decided to start keeping track of (yet another) blog. Facebook is great and all, but I want a place to really document all the things going on in our lives in a narrative form. Sometimes I need a little bit more explanation room than a status update will give me, and let's face it... What I have to say is definitely that important, no?

Ummm, yeah. Soooo anyway..


Oopsie, I wrote a whole paragraph yesterday and then had to pause writing so now said-paragraph is irrelevant and had to be deleted. Way to be side-tracked, missy.


Here's the thing about grad school: It's awful and wonderful at the exact same time. Let me elaborate...


  1. The practicum. Both the preschool and the clinic have been wonderful practicum experiences for me (thus far). I am really enjoying going into treatment sessions, and am actually excelling and progressing in my abilities (or so say my supervisors, anyway). 
  2. The setting. The new building we're in is spectacular. I mean it... Spectacular. Oh, and it's minutes from Bricktown.

Wait, I can only think of 2 good things.. Crap..
(Bear in mind, #1 is a very big pro.)


  1. The commute. I drive about 50ish minutes, one way, at the peak of morning traffic, to make it to morning classes and clinic (which start at 9 AM). 
  2. The teachers. Oopsie. Not to be mean, but the classes just aren't taught like I'm used to. Which may/may not be my own fault, but in my opinion this is a huge con. If I'm having difficulty focusing in your class, I promise it's not because I have attention problems, just sayin'...
  3. The technology. "But wait," you say, "wouldn't that be a 'pro'?" Afraid not. Call me old fashioned, but I rather enjoy taking notes on paper. However, the lecturing style in class makes it next to impossible to keep up with pen and paper... Note the school requirement that everyone have a laptop. Everyone takes notes on their laptops. I could delve into the specific cons of having 24 laptops simultaneously tack-tack-tacking away for 5 hours, 2 days a week, but I think I'll let you use your imagination. 

I was thinking of other cons I could list, but they were all personal decisions that I made, so I can't blame that on grad school... At least not in writing, of course.

I will say this, at the end of this 18 month program, I will be ready to get my certification in a field that I've grown to love, so I suppose it can't be all bad, right? A Bachelor's and Master's degree in a total of five years.. I really can't complain.

That being said... It really takes away from time I could spend with my puppy.

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