Friday, December 17, 2010


This is the first Christmas in a long while that I haven't had any obligations to fulfill (either job-wise or otherwise) and I've decided... That I need some dang obligations. But good ones. I want to be productive over the break, because it's been a long time since I've had a fun project to do, that I could accomplish during free time instead of in the place of something I should have been doing.

Whatever will I do with myself?!?!? I have a few ideas...

  1. Work on the scrapbook I started for Braylen and I last year. It contains the story of our relationship and I gave it to him as a Christmas present last year. I haven't update it since he proposed (yikes!) so I have a lot to catch up on. 
  2. Religiously keep up with the housework. I told Bray, I've really been slacking on my part of the housework over the past couple months, and this Christmas, he'll see the kind of housewife he's only dreamed of! It's kind of exciting to me... 
  3. Speaking of religion, I'd like to find a church home for us. Christmas seems an appropriate time. We went to First Baptist a couple of Sundays, but our work schedules conflicted and we couldn't commit long enough to get involved. I'd like to try again, especially now that Braylen will be working nights. Even if he works Saturday night and gets off at 6am Sunday, we could still go to church and he could sleep before and after. I'm definitely excited about this one. It's been a long time for both of us..
  4. Work double-time on puppy training with Luke. It kind of got lax with school being crazy the past few months, and we've really been working hard the past week or so. I just want to make sure he keeps improving, instead of plateauing. He's such a smart boy and he can learn so much.. Just have to stay consistent!
  5. [If finances allow for it,] I'd like to work on house decor a little bit. We don't have curtains in any rooms but our bedroom. That's something I'd really like to accomplish. I hate the look of just blinds and no curtains. I'd also like to get our downstairs bathroom somewhat spruced up. With that bath tub, it could really be cute!! 
  6. FINALLY order the prints from our wedding. In particular, I want to get a huge canvas of one of the black and white pictures from the day afters to hang in our bedroom.
  7. Watch movies with my honey as often as possible. 
  8. Spend as much time as I can with my parents, parents-in-law, and friends.
  9. Continue to write on my blog to document what I can accomplish over the break. I really hope it's interesting to you all, and not boring.
  10. Plan for and start buying the foods I'll need to start my diet in January. Of course, I can't start this until late December because it calls for mostly fresh fruits and veggies, as well as chicken and such, but it is something I need to set my mind to.

Like I said, I'd like to hold myself to several of these goals, and I hope that committing to documentation through this blog will enable me to do so. Hold me to it, ladies! 

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