Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmastime is here

Or was here, rather.

The day after Christmas is always a little bittersweet to me. It's sweet because you've had such a wonderful time with family and friends and [hopefully] brought home a lot of great loot! It's extremely bitter (at least for me) because I wait the entire year for Christmas Eve and Christmas. I love those two days. And the thought of having to wait a whole year for them to come again is entirely too sad for me to think about on this chilly winter's morning.

I've just had an idea! My birthday (which is on July 1st) will be Christmas-themed this year. Get your sweaters ready!! I'm not waiting a full 12 months this time!

Although Christmas is [or should be] about much more than gift-giving, I really scored this year. A few of my treasures include:

An amazing 3-in-1 printer (that also prints photos)
A foot spa set
A trip to an actual spa for a facial w/my MIL and SIL
Tons of Luke puppy toys/treats
A Candies purse
A pair of Bob's shoes (which are exactly like Tom's)
and The Beauty, The Magnificent, The Piece de Resistance:

My new Fuji-film Fine Pix S1800 with 18x Optical Zoom

Oooooo... Ahhhhhh... Soooooo pretty.

I absolutely love all the things that I received, but I have to say that Husband really won me over with this beauty of a camera. I knew he was getting me one, but I had no idea it would be this amazing. I love playing with it and taking pictures. Here are a few from the past couple of days:

Luke Puppy, on Christmas Eve, at my parents' house.
Chewing the new stick toy my mother bought him.

Husband and our future nephew, Makisig.

 Makisig, my BIL Logan, and Husband's cousin Lauren.

It's safe to say he is my favorite little kid to hang out with.

I mean, c'mon. Look at this face.

We (Husband and I) bought each other Christmas ornaments this year.
We intend to do so every year, as a new Christmas tradition together.
This is my first one: Kissmas Cottage, first in the series.

This one is his: Indiana Jones.

These we got as a gift from my mother when she returned from Germany.

Mmmm so happy with this camera. I look forward to sharing many more pictures/memories with you as they present themselves. 

I hope that your Christmas was as special as mine was! Husband and I both loved getting to spend it together. We look forward to many many more ahead (even if we do have to wait for them...)

Side Note:
       We saw True Grit yesterday and it was AMAZING and funny. Go see it now.

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