Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Insanity/Crazy Town

The more we think about our decision to start a family sooner rather than later, the more at peace we feel about it. Of course I'm sure everyone always intends not to stress about it and hyper-focus on each month's ovulation/menstruation cycle and then inevitably becomes a crazy person about it. Of course I hope not to drive myself batty over it, but I likely will. Just praying that God gives us peace, an open heart, and a clear mind to respond well to whatever situation we find ourselves in. I know this will likely take time, given my PCOS and inconsistent cycles. But I'm praying I become more and more okay with that. It will give me time to get that much more in shape and that much more healthy to endure pregnancy/childbirth/running around after a toddler! ha.

In other news, our lives are crazy town right now! Bray has been between jobs for a month or so now, which is good because my house stays clean and I usually have meals ready for me. Not to mention our weekends our ours, which is nice. Though, every weekend for the past month and a half has been booked solid. I'm taking off half of our anniversary week to give us time to relax/celebrate/breathe. Hopefully I can recollect my sanity at that point.

Speaking of that week... Our anniversary is the 7th, and on the 11th we walk/jog our first 5k! Then the following weekend on the 18th we run our second 5k. To say I am anxious/apprehensive/freaking out with be an understatement!

I'm using a lot of backslashes today. Forward slashes? Which is which?

It's 9:23 PM and I haven't taken my shoes or coat off from getting home from work/gym over an hour ago. Sigh.... It's time for bed.

'Night y'all!

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