Thursday, May 9, 2013

More Baby Business

Seeing as I decided part of this blog's purpose was to document our journey to parenthood, I definitely can't leave out my ob/gyn appointment today! She came recommended from a friend... And I found out today it was for good reason! Seriously... I love this lady! I'm so excited that she's our doctor!

First off, she isn't completely convinced I have PCOS. As my periods have been consistent since I got off BC in December and I don't have any of the other symptoms... PCOS isn't as likely.

Can you say... Relief?

She also said due to my young age and regular periods, she doesn't think we should have problems conceiving. If I'm not pregnant in six months, I'll go in to see her again and we'll look at everything a little closer. Today they drew some blood to test my estrogen, LH/FSH, and thyroid levels. I should get those results back in a couple of days. That will also give more info on the likelihood of PCOS.

Whether or not I have PCOS... I just loved that she was encouraging and positive. She really gave me hope that conceiving is within reach and doesn't have to be difficult (like I've always assumed it would be). Maybe it's false hope, but today... It made me happy.

Know what else makes me happy?

My husband. I just love that guy. Time and time again he shows me all the reasons I fell in love with him and married him. I'm just so proud of him and the man he is.

I just had to say it.

And I look forward to seeing him as a dad. Truthfully... I'm probably more excited to see his face and his reaction to meeting our children for the first time than I am to meet them myself! He is just going to be so good at it.

 Oh, but back to the conception business. I told Braylen he has to promise not to let me take any pregnancy tests until June. I don't want a repeat of what happened in March to happen again... Where I get anxious to take tests and start taking them before I even miss my period, so then I don't know WHEN I can stop taking them because I don't know if I should've had my period or not.

You do not want to know the crazy that happens in my brain about this baby business. Sigh...

'Night y'all!

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