Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Change of Heart

Day 87

Breakfast: yogurt and 1/2 granola
Mid-afternoon snack: NONE
Lunch: grilled chicken, sauteed veggies, brown rice
Dinner: romaine and spinach salad w/grilled chicken, grape tomatoes, and feta cheese
Dessert: Skinny Cow strawberry shortcake ice cream sandwich

Well I wrote an entire post about the woes of being a graduate student, and then when I reread it, I decided I was annoying myself so I trashed it. Being in grad school is time-consuming and it makes me an awfully selfish person (because I have very little time for anyone but myself) but I am unbelievably fortunate to have the opportunity to go, and I need to try to change my attitude about it. Things could be much worse and I could be incredibly unhappy, which I am not, by any stretch of the word. I am outrageously blessed to have the life I do and I need to stop dwelling in the minute negative situations I may find myself in. Because even though the negative situation (aka my full time student role) may seem as though it is my entire existence... It will be a tiny section in the preface of the rest of my story. I'm so ready to start living that I'm forgetting to pay attention to and take advantage of the life I have right now.

That being said, today was a pretty average day. Nothing exciting happened, aside from the fact that I took my test so now I have the rest of the day to enjoy time with my husband (who has today off). We ate dinner and took a Puppy Walk and are now about to finish the new episode of Biggest Loser.

I love my life.

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  1. You are so wise and inspiring and Im so dang happy to call you my best friend :) One more year we are done!!! Oh and your dinner tonight sounded delicious!! Love you!


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