Monday, December 1, 2014

"Unexpected Fortune" has never been more accurate

I was trying to think of the best way to document my journey with Plexus and decided I better dust off the old blog and give it another go. At least this way it will all be in one place and I won't have to dig through my News Feed to find anything.

Okay, so by now you all know I've been taking Plexus. I started the TriPlex combo (Slim, BioCleanse, and ProBio5) on October 24th. I immediately knew this is something I had to start telling people about. I just fell in love... With the products, the people, the business plan, the compensation plan... I fell totally in love with Plexus Worldwide, and I just can't help but tell people about it. I truly feel, without a shadow of a doubt, that there is a product in this line for every single person. But let me backtrack a bit and tell you why I started...

As you all probably know by now, I have been all over the place with my weight for goodness knows how long (forever?). I have tried to lose weight several times and nothing ever "stuck". I would lose some and then a holiday or a vacation would come up and it'd be out the window and back into old habits. I started working out with a personal trainer which was such a blessing... But then she moved, I got pregnant and had Ella, and then BAM... Right back where I started. At just over 300 lbs though, I knew something needed to change and quick. I didn't have the energy or the desire to get up and move... Or even get down on the floor and play with my baby. That was NOT okay with me.

Aside from weight and health concerns, we were also struggling financially. I recently quit my job so we could move back to Oklahoma and I could stay home with Ella. We knew we would be downsizing, but we did not realize that even with downsizing, we could not afford our new home on one income alone. After depleting our savings and nearly wiping out all of our investments, we realized that I would have to be working, too, or we were headed down the path toward bankruptcy.

I had been ignoring Plexus posts from a couple of my facebook friends for months, just scrolling past and thinking "ugh... another health/weight loss scheme". But the financial issues we were going through and with how awful I felt mentally and physically... I thought I might look into it. I messaged my husband's cousin, who is an ambassador with Plexus, and asked her for more information. What she told me about the products and the compensation plan just blew me away!! I signed up a couple days later and here I am.

Now let me add something here because I don't want to mislead anyone. My journey started with concerns for my weight and seeking a way to lose weight and earn money. But not everyone's journey starts the same way and I sure don't want anyone to get the idea that Plexus is ONLY for weight loss. In fact, it was designed to regulate blood sugar, cholesterol, and lipid levels. What they found was that 83% of people in their research study were losing weight as a SIDE EFFECT!!! So please do not let me mislead you in thinking this is a weight loss product. Many people lose weight (I know I have!!) but this is not a quick fix or fad diet. I don't want you to get the wrong impression, so I feel the need to clarify that. Not to mention, there are 13 different products in the Plexus line... All designed to target different areas of health (energy, carbohydrate absorption, inflammation relief, gut health, breast health, etc.). This is why I say there is truly a product for everyone!!

Okay, so back to what I was saying... It has been just over a month since I started taking my products. I want to update each month what I'm feeling, my measurements, my weight, and the financial blessings we've experienced through Plexus. If at any point you have questions or want to know more information, I would love to talk to you about it!! My website is but I would love to talk to you about our products, one-on-one, so we can determine which would be right for your needs!

So okay, after one month on the TriPlex combo (mostly Slim and ProBio5, since I take BioCleanse intermittently), I have experienced:

- Increased energy (I don't need a nap in the middle of the day anymore!)
- Feeling rested when I wake up (Which is insane coming from someone sleeping with a 9 month old)
- Less heartburn/acid reflux (I only take my papaya enzyme supplement a couple times a week now, as opposed to a couple times a night)
- Losing 7.55 inches, total
- Losing 4 lbs, total (Disclaimer: I had lost 5.5 lbs in the first 19 days, but Thanksgiving set me back a pound and a half... Which is still a victory because it could have been so much more I gained back!!!)
- Overall better mood throughout the day (Less irritability)
- I've already earned several bonuses and an increase in commission!! 
- I am one ambassador away from my first big promotion to Silver (which will mean another bonus)!!
- Making more my first month than I ever expected, judging by the other MLM's compensation plans I've experienced and heard of

I cannot wait to see what the month of December has in store for my Plexus journey!! Again, I'd love to help you reach your financial and health goals, as well!! Let's talk about how we can make that happen!!

One month in; December 1, 2014
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