Sunday, March 17, 2013

It's What's on the Inside That Counts

From the beginning of February to now, I've made the following changes:

Body Fat: 41.8% to 35.7%
Fat weight: 113.7 to 96.4
Lean weight: 158.2 to 173.6
Body water: 45.8% to 49.2%
BMI: 43.7 to 43.4

Every one of those numbers is moving in the right direction. My lean weight vs. fat weight has improved, I'm bringing in so much more water, and my percentage of body fat has decreased 6% in 6 weeks!

Yet.... I've only lost 2 lbs on the scale.

Here's what I'm sayin'... The scale is not everything. My body (on the inside) is changing and becoming healthier. And even on the outside... I'm losing inches and my clothes are nearly falling off. If I put all my determination, motivation, and faith onto the scale... I would've given up weeks ago. I really wish other women realized just how much more there is to look for to find "success".

Do I wish that the number on the scale reflected the changes also? Ehhh... Sure.

But I know that if I continue to put in the work and those numbers keep moving in that direction.... It's only a matter of time before the scale reflects it, as well.

I am so excited.

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